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*How do I place an order?

*How long until I get my order?

*How do I print my card?

*What kind of photo should I use?

*Do you have any tips for printing?

What is your policy regarding returns?

*How do I place an order?

Place the purchase you'd like to make in your cart by clicking on the corresponding item. At checkout, you will be billed through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to pay with the service.

*How long until I get my order?

Order times can vary depending on a few different factors.


*Printable artwork orders should be filled immediately, through e-mail.

Greeting Cards, Announcements & Invitations:

*We must receive your photo and information before beginning a card design.

*After information is received, it is our policy to attempt to have a card proof to you within 24 hours on existing design, and 48 hours on custom designs.

*Sometimes circumstances will prohibit these time frames. Customers will be informed of any changes. Please communicate any definite time constraints before ordering to ensure that orders can be filled in an appropriate amount of time.

*Final print copies will be returned within 24 hours of proof approval.

Custom design, canvas design, & logo design:

Announced will discuss time frames for these orders with individual customers. Please e-mail Announced Design if you have questions regarding custom design work.

*How do I print my card, or printable artwork order?

Currently, announced does not offer in house printing options.

*You will receive a .jpeg file that is the exact size of your ordered item.

*You will then be able to print your item at any printing company, of your choice.

*It is quite common to choose to upload your file to an online printing site for printing. Or you can burn the file onto a CD or jump drive. And take it into a store.

*Your ordered item will print directly from the file you are given.

*What kind of photos should I use for cards and custom canvas?

You should make sure that you have the right to re-produce the photo you pick. If it's a photo from a professional photographer, you must have a release from them. If you have questions about whether you can reproduce a photo, please contact the photographer. Also please check
HERE to see our policy regarding photo reproduction.

Your photo should be a high resolution, high quality photo. Professional photos work great, but your photo definitely doesn't have to be professional. Most digital cameras will take pictures with very high quality.

You should send a high-resolution copy of your photo. While photo cards do not require a extremely large file, canvas art will require a full resolution photo.

We will try to contact you if it looks like your photo is not going to be big enough for optimal results.

Color photos are best to start with. Color photos CAN be turned to black and white. However, photo files that are sent in black and white cannot have color added back in.

*Do you have any tips for printing?

Each of our cards is built with a printing "ditch". This is an area left around the outside of the card that prevents printing or essential photo elements from being cut off during printing. However, whenever you are printing....check the essential elements in a "preview" before printing. Double checking never hurts.

Most online printers offer a way to upload your photo card and order with envelopes. Also, ordering 5x7 cards as "postcards" and then getting your own envelopes can save a lot of money.

Most printers offer several "finishes". Usually matte and glossy. Pick the one that is right for you.

Before using a printer, search online for any available coupon codes. Another way to be advised of printing sales and specials, is to join e-mail lists or "like" a company on Facebook.

*What is your policy regarding returns?

Please see our
policies page for questions regarding returns.